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Know Some Home Options for Seniors

We cannot avoid getting old, and the choice of where to live comfortably if not with our own families will have to be faced soon, and it may not be in a structured retirement facility, but preferably in the same areas where near to our love ones that will make us feel still able to fend for ourselves. Let us present to you then some of the places that can be another alternatives for your elderly.

One alternative of a place to stay for your seniors is a manufactured mobile homes which are now becoming a trend choice for the older folks nowadays. These new type of homes have models specifically designed for seniors and are said to be affordable, energy efficient, spacious and utilize features that are universally design. Depending on the zoning ordinances permit, these type of homes can be assembled on your family property or near it, and can also be moved to a senior mobile home community that could be in your locality.

Cooperatives is the next choice of our older folks for homes that are usually found in urban areas. The set-up in a cooperative is that the homes have a combined ownership arrangement with a multi-family housing condition of convenience and efficiency. What is appealing to this setup for the seniors is that they can still build equity in their accommodations and at the same time will not have the responsibility of taking care a larger home.

Condominiums are another type of dwelling for the older people that offers many advantages to them. Compared to a traditional owned single family home or apartment is that the title of the condos is held by the seniors while sharing ownership of the common areas of the building.

Another choice for the older folk to live in is the accessory apartment, if the house where they live in now is too large to be maintained by them. This accessory apartment can be described as a completely private living unit accommodated in the extra space of a single family home, and we sometimes call this as MIL or mother in law apartment.

The next option we can offer to seniors is the ECHO Housingor Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity, or referred to as Granny Flats, which are separate and self-contained units that are designed in the side or backyard of an adult child of the senior, which is designed for temporary installation.

There is a new concept of matching people as roommates, and this is getting to be popular due to the lack of adequate senior housing, and this is called home matching programs.

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